Every day consists of a string of moments. Where you are now. Where you were one moment ago and where you are going in the next. It`s inside these vacuums where all choices are made, good or bad. We aspire to take a moment -to make the right ones.

The A Moment™ product-line was conceptualized over the lunch table when a dear friend of ours was contemplating switching over to a vegan lifestyle. Coming from a background of fitness, he was already well into supplementation and optimizing his diet. Naturally we discussed how he was going to meet the same protein-requirements he had become accustomed to over the last years, but also what vitamins, minerals or other nutrients he would need to make the transition viable. We had all heard rumors about iron and b12 deficiencies, with people either ending up going back to beef or in worse cases being hospitalized.

A couple of months later, we were catching up again ( With Kristian, our aforementioned friend) where he uttered his frustration of how his kitchen cupboard was starting to look like a small apothecary. He had found good sources for protein from both Hemp and soy, but on the vitamin-side things were starting to become complicated. Turns out the presumptions we made earlier regarding b12 was spot on, but far from the only one, he had boxes of iodine, calcium, d3, dha and the list went on.

These conversations eventually lead to three major realizations; One, that veganisme is hard to do without the help of some key vitamin and mineral supplements. Second, these vitamins and minerals are still only commonly found in animal derivates. Third, there are no all-in-one solutions on the market that makes it easy (to store) to get these nutrients.

And so, after a year and a half of searching the corners of the earth to find quality vegan ingredients to source from, and then finding factories that can actually compound them together, and lastly materials that can hold them without creating heaps of unnecessary waste- we are proud to say that A Moment Complete- is the first of its kind. A all-in–one solution for vegans or friends who wants to be vegan that delivers everything required to sustain a healthy lifestyle without the use of animal products.